At the beginning of the 90s, he discovered the rave culture in the middle of an evening "Fantôm" and is passionate for electronic music.
Very young and accompanied by Kiab, he became an actor in the Yonne through an organizing association (N.O.T., Kartel, 5Hop, projects at the Dôme de St Ange, etc.).

In Bordeaux, he is entrusted with the programming of the webradio and receives many confirmed values ​​of the Bordeaux night (Manu +, ...) then the residence of the Friday of the CRYPT.
In 2008, he took the electronic programming of COMPLEXE (formerly the CAT) for 2 years.

And at the beginning of that same year founded the association Volum 'and produced the evenings "THE BOX" at the Scene Bastille or the 4 Elements where one can cross certain confirmed values ​​of the techno scene.
Since then, the collective has grown and touches most Parisian structures such as the Batofar, Le Créalab, La Péniche Cinéma, the 4 Elements, ... with Progress, Acid 'Whirl, Prélude ...

Schizophrenic, the insect is at ease on many terrains. So it is current 2017 that he joined the team The Dream Factory as an artist
His musical horizon extends from the most velvet Deep to the most brutal Techno, crosses the minimal and can also stray into the Breakbeats.
The enthusiasm for recent productions and the nostalgia of the old festivals, mix their mixes of cults new and new

The groove will undoubtedly remain the guiding thread that will maintain consistency in its sets!