In a Few Words...

The agency "message'CULTUREL" is a relay and accompanying platform for all your projects in terms of communication and organisation.

It's strenght ? Some professionnals from an itinerary exclusively immersed in Culture !

At your service, Message'CULTUREL propose an eager team of discoveries and field experience, build with passion, on more than 20 Years, in the private, assiociative and institutional.
The result is an ability to adapt to all environments.

Trained at the Parisian school ICCOM, recognized in France by the best protagonists of the evenemential, message'CULTUREL offers you a realistic and accessible view on communication.

Their skills are placed at your service for the transmission of your ambitions in the disciplines of the living spectacle, the current music, the visual arts or the audiovisual.
They will also allow you to prepare your sporting events, BDE, fairs, fairs, turnkey parties and company committee or the development of your internal communication project of your company.

Whether you are artists, production houses, institutions, radio, event promoters, various committees ...
It is the assurance of a fine analysis with the most relevant definition of your targets as well as a personalized service of quality to meet your needs and adapted to your budget.

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