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Introducing TDF Records !


After years of conceptualisation and month of concrete work, we are thruly glad to introduce you to TDF Records, our independant Techno Label.

We launch the label with a 5 releases project at first, one EP produced by each one of our artists.

Our first release, Watson Analytics EP by Anechoic [TDF001] is already available on our Bandcamp when the second one, Mental Research EP by I.Y.A.D. [TDF002] will be released on the 15th of jannuary 2018. You can already listen the preview on the label dedicated website :

Discover it now :

Friendly Podcast TDF #9 is Out !


TDFFP009 Recorded by O'BRINE.
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Friendly Podcast TDF #8 is Out !


TDFFP008 Recorded by Scorch.
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Friendly Podcast TDF #7 is Out !


TDFFP007 Recorded by Wa5p.
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Friendly Podcast TDF #6 is Out !


TDFFP006 Recorded by Kian Gasté.
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First Jam Session Video !


Here is the first live of our jam session videos, thiss serie will features some small lives, between 15 and 30 minutes that are ina way to long to be a track and to short to be a live set. For this first opus it's our co-founder Lowel who will take you for a "trancy" techno travel. We hope you'll enjoy this new project, the video has been recorder and edited by our favourite realisator : Alex.
Discover it now :

Friendly Podcast TDF #5 is Out !


Recorded by Dogme, young techno artist based in Montreal. Here is a few of his favourites tracks shared with us via this TDFFP005.
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Friendly Podcast TDF #4 is Out !


Recorded by Franssu, co founder of Kaizen. Let yourself go with this chill & hypnotic set (downtempo/keta house)...
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A New Wall Painting by Oden & Bab !


Watch it now :

TDF Welcomes a new member !


The whole team is happy to welcome :



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Launching the New Season !


We hope that you had a great Summer, full of sun, love and music of course... The whole team is glad to be back for this third season wich already looks promising !

At first we wanted to share with you some news about our Artists based in Montreal : WA5P & IYAD. After a solid remix released on Oxytech Records a few months ago, IYAD is revealing a preview of his upcoming Tracks :

Musho - Solid Puls (I.Y.A.D Remix)

No Love - I.Y.A.D

In No Love, I.Y.A.D reconnects with his atmospheric and hovering side, while integrating squeaky and satured Techno elements. A really deep track with a hint of melancholy.

Sexual Enjoyment (Preview) - I.Y.A.D

By digging to much in to labels like MORD, Obscure or even Grounded, here is the result. A powerful techno in the continuity of No Love with a sexual atmosphere that will shake the walls of the darkest rooms.

Shadows of Myself (Preview) - I.Y.A.D

Shadows of Myself is an intense track wich the name fit perfectly! A dozen of saturators per track, fat & industrial elements as well as a hypnotic groove. Hearing aficionados will delight from it.

Wa5p @ SXM Festival

Regarding our Montreal manager, he got the opportunity to play in Saint Martin during the summer, small Caribbean island where takes place every year the SXM Festival.

On this occasion he did a warm up set for the Wallet Brothers (Wave's in Records) as well as for The Driver (Techno alias of the legendary "Manu le Malin"). This was in the Dirty Sanchez Tequila Bar, a premium quality establishement, actually the first regarding the underground music events on the island.

Finally, a word about the last Luminescu set (Micro House alias of WA5P) wich was selected for the launch of the podcast MINIMADELIX by Jeremiah Greenn. Greenn is the founder of Kaizen a collectiv based in Montreal wich we often collaborate with. As it name shows it, the podcast aim is to gather Minimal & Psychedelic to offer some abstract sets involving the personnal interpretation of each artist. Here Luminescu's one :

As some of you may know, the TDF team is not only in love with music but also in Art in general and particulary in Visual Art.
So, because we really love their work, here is a video made by our friends Street Artists Alex and Oden, on a track produced by Lowel.
Give them a few colors and a wall and here we go :

Various Release 003


Our third Various Release is now available !
6 new Tracks producer by our artists, you can already discover them on our Youtube Playlist.

If you like them, please support the artists and buy the tracks on our Bandcamp.

As the two first, a new clip is coming out with the VR003, after the Mickey's one, we move to Paris with "incident voyageur" by Lowel...
Watch the clip now :



The whole team is happy to present : TDF|Store !
Our online shop wich already gathers a few clothes & accessories with TDF's designs.

We made it in partnership with Spreadshirt to be sure to offer secure payments as well as quality products.
You can already visit it to tell us what you think :

Visit it !

A New Clip and a lot of Sun !


The new TDF clip on a track produced by our co-founder Lowel is finally available !
Huge thanks to Alex for the global realisation.

Already 3 Years !


"Thousands Thanks for all the good vibes, the love and the support that you bring to us since the last three years !"

June 21, 2017 wasn't only the date of the FĂȘte de Musique in Paris as every year, but also the date of the 3rd anniversary of The Dream Factory!
Yeah... Already 3 Years... About fifteen events a year on average, our first self-rpoduced Releases, hundreds of smiles, the arrival of new artists... and of course your support !

We are extremely happy by this observation and it reinforce our motivation to pursue what as been started !

Send Us your Friendly Podcast : Between 1h/2h, Techno or/and House by wetransfer at (please join a picture as well as your artist links).

As some of you may be aware of, we are also thinking about bigger projects both in terms of scale and work.
With the idea of balancing/expanding our team in Paris as well as in Montreal, We propose to those who share our vision of things and who wish it the opportunity to join The Dream Factory.


Various Release 002


Our second Various Release is now available !
We selected some tracks a bit different of those in the VR001, you can discover them on our Youtube Playlist.

If you like them, please support the artists and buy the tracks on our Bandcamp.

A new clip coming out with the VR002, this time we leave the factory to propose you a journey in to time, bringing you back to the early times of Cartoons...
To watch Steamboat Willie's Mickey dancing on some Wa5p Tech House, that's here :

TDF welcomes a new artist !


We have the pleasure to introduce : I Y A D as a new official TDF artist. (Biography & Medias available HERE)
It is also for us the opportunity to introduce the duo that form I Y A D & WA5P:

High Dawn

Under this alias, they are seeking for a different Techno, deep and powerful.

And as we are talking about alias... We should also tell you that WA5P shared an other one with us.
Wishing to explore new musical horizons, he introduce his new project dedicated to Micro-House :


Various Release 001


Our First Various Release is now available !
You can discover them on our Youtube Playlist.

If you like them, please support the artists and buy the tracks on our Bandcamp.

A clip is coming out with this first Various Release, watch it here: