A Few Words...

Founders of Awsum Kulture, launched in June 2015, also a duo and couple in life, VeroniKa & Oliver are true enthusiasts of electronic music. They play their particular style of techno throughout the metropolis, this intensely since February 2015. In addition to being a DJ, their mutual passions push them to their own events. It’s more than a dozen events produced in less than 2 years. They are also residents of the infamous Salon Daomé and Red Room.

Awsum Kulture Mvt brings together DJs, producers, promoters and various Montrealers with a common passion for electronic music. The musical influence that animates them is that of Europe, for its underground, innovative and percussive side. And it is this influence that they wish to share with the Montreal scene by proposing daring evenings with a distinctive signature, specific to Awsum Kulture’s DNA.

Those who adhere to the concept of this electronic Kulture, contribute to this movement by exhibiting their talents, their personalities and their inspirations. What makes this Kulture also Awsum is uniqueness in diversity. And it is by expressing itself in various places, through various styles, that this culture allows an immersion in the art and its many facets, by causing this movement, that we wish Awsum.

Our #INLAB flagship project, developed in partnership with Nicola Torriero’s Rhythm is Rhythm web radio, is to become a showcase for introducing Montreal’s artists through new technologies and performance in a controlled environment. The Laboratory concept allows you to explore different places, to present various artists from the electronic scene and to explore various scenography. It’s a concept with a Behind the Scene approach, close to the guest artist.