In a Few Words...

Sonity Is an association that aims to facilitate the dissemination of musical culture and the creation of cultural values in France, thanks to dematerialized, efficient and inexpensive tools intended for all the actors of music.

Driven by the conviction that unifying the public and the pros by associating the problems of one with the solutions of the others will solve most of the problems that presently arise, will thus achieve results hitherto unmatched in the environment.

For pros : Sonity supports you by centralizing your tools in the same environment, unifying the many players in the field to improve the fluidity of your work and the benefits you can derive from it.

From event referencing, customer feedback, promotion / communication, and event management to mobile site / app ...

For the clubbers : The objective is simple, to create you all that you need to have fun with your friends, in the simpliest way,
by paying less and without troubles to know where and how you'll spend your night!

Enjoy a website dedicated to music events near you,
Totally conceived to adapt to your needs of the moment and which evolves continuously.

All created by a bunch of guys like you, who bustles by passion to bring you permanently what you need.

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