Fun Factory X TDF

"🅕Ⓤ🅝 🅕Ⓐ🅒Ⓣ🅞Ⓡ🅨 vous invite à sa 7ème édition pour vous vendre toujours plus de Fun et du Rêve !"


Cette fois-ci 🅕Ⓤ🅝 🅕Ⓐ🅒Ⓣ🅞Ⓡ🅨 reçoit The Dream Factory, un collectif basé entre Montréal et Paris. Passionnés de house et techno, le collectif se veut axé sur l'art en général. C'est pourquoi ce mardi pour le plaisir de vos yeux on vous présentera une exposition de l'artiste peintre Haya Salti, en plus de nos deux talents locaux Alex Pycke et Wa5p (aka Louis Wasp Kutarba) pour ravir vos oreilles.

Le mix enregistré au cours de la soirée :

[Focus on artist Haya Salti] : Haya Salti born and raised in Amman – Jordan. Haya just finished her BFA at Concordia University in Painting and Drawing. She believes in the notion of free expression, where one transforms their ideas, emotions and creativity beyond the horizon. Expresses any idea, word, feeling, melody… uplifts the soul within the Artist through their unique vision of the universe. Through her work, she uses the body as a means to express movement and emotions. Whilst focusing on the beauty of the human figure especially on gestures and body language combined with the exotic unique animal that is embodied within us all, and how it acts upon its wild side and inner animalistic personality. Looking at mythological creatures combining body parts of more then one real species. Haya’s work is connected fully to arousing all your senses as you gaze at her work. She wishes to depict empowerment, vitality, inspirations, and love to your self, freedom, expression and abundance of space. Haya is interested in depictions that are imbued with sensuality and passion. Being a free spirit, Haya incorporates movement of dance, music and balance through out her work. Opening such a doorway between humans and animals, Haya allows the audience to also ponder and go deep within themselves, thus to allow such animalistic expression to be released from us all.
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(The Dream Factory/Awsum Kulture)


Alex Pycke


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Mardi 23 Mai :

Fun Factory X The Dream Factory

Le Salon Daomé - 141 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, QC H1X 2H2

5 $ - Gratuit avant Minuit sur Guestlist